To Win the 2011 Super Bowl, Pats Must Overcome the Patriots

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To Win the 2011 Super Bowl, Pats Must Overcome the Patriots

No one in the history of the Super Bowl has been more dominate than the New England Patriots, and no one has looked less like expected and possibly the greatest team of all time. High flying, swarming, strong, aggressive, smart, Super Bowl disciplined, playmaking, dependable, steady, proven. What more does any fan need to know? The Patriots open their 2011 regular season at home against Atlanta which may be one of the biggest tests of the season. If they lose, they will be calling it a season in bad taste. If they win, they can potentially get back to the big one.

Pats clearly want to get back to the big one. The dominance of New England Super Bowl in the regular season show no sign of slowing down. In 2009 the Pats barely made it into the playoffs, they finished 12-4 don to their massive collapse in the playoffs. This season they went out the playoffs 13-3 and they were heavily favored. The question now is, how do they rebound? 2005 was the year Tom Brady and the Patriots dominated the NFL, but they were already in the big show, 2005. This season the Pats have a lot of expectations to live up to.

With the loss of Randy Moss the Pats lost their big play receiver. Wes Welker the only remaining big play receiver, now appears to be a one year stop as the Wes is not reported to be part of the Bam- GS time line any longer. The release of Vince Wilfork is another loss the are hoping will not spell the demise of the butterflies on the Pats sleeves. Tight End Rob Gronkowski is their top option on the outside, Aaron Super Bowl Hernandez will hopefully be vintage great this season.

While the loss of Moss and Wilkins should not be looked at as major concerns, the loss of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who left the team to take over as head coach for the Broncos. McDaniels was a prized acquisition, he brought a taste of the big show, Patriots Super Bowl many backs and big receivers.

So who is really hurting the most Super Bowl.

The receivers. Julian Edelman’s number are severely missed. There’s not another Super Bowl receiver close to Edelman’s ability to catch the mid-to deep ball. Wes Welker’s number now worn on two leg each season can’t be counting down any time yet.

The offense will definitely make the Pats contenders. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks ever, and has the best supporting cast imaginable. They have an arsenal of weapons in their arsenal including Welker, Moss, Welker, and Edelman. They also have the experience of coach Bill Belichick.

In a close one the Colts just might make the another surprise NFL Division winner. It has been a decade since their last Super Bowl win, showing some what the Colts can do.

The strong defense of the Patriots will be a huge obstacle for the Colts, specially if they are playing off a mistake prone defensive back like Terrell Suggs may create for themselves.

The Colts could quickly find out this season that toppling the Patriots is not the easy road to the Super Bowl. The Colts lack that critical ingredient. The Patriots are top of the most talented division in the NFL, and are a legitimate title contender.

Look to bet the Colts only win a few more games, and the playoffs will probably be a piece of cake. The Colts will be struggling to stay relevant once again, and any game not against the Patriots will be an easy victory.

The Colts are nowhere close to being a 9-7 team, they need to find a quarterback that can take them one step further to insure they will be able to maintain their standing in the AFC South this season, and find an impact player at wide receiver.

There is no guarantee in the Super Bowl, the Steelers and Pats both could end the season with a perfect season, and end up playing in the big show again. While the Colts have a great chance to take the division, it wont’ be easy. UFABET เว็บตรง