bag Problems: Is Your Handbag Too Big?

bag Problems

bag Problems: Is Your Handbag Too Big?

It’s a fact: women love bag Problems handbags. We can’t stop ourselves from going out with just the right handbag in tow. As long as it’s just big enough to hold our basic essentials like cash, credit cards, bag Problems cell phone, keys and make-up, we’re in business.

However, lately, we’ve been seeing a trend towards bag Problems what’s called “oversized bags.” Oftentimes, it’s the cross between “petite” and “loud.” What exactly do we mean by that? Bigger, obviously. More feminine. funnier too.

We love it because it suits every occasion perfectly, bag Problems and more importantly, it works for everyone. If you have a cell phone and a graphic T-shirt, it goes really well with the skimpy-drop-the-gold ring, a buckle belt and bag Problems a way-too-shiny pair of Uggs. If you own a vintage leather handbag and a cut-rate skirt, you can now team it with your favorite jeans and a well-shaped bag Problems pair of exuberantly colorful pumps. Combining the right bag with the proper outfit is a creative moment in fashion.

” Oversized” should be taken with a grain of salt, though. That doesn’t mean that your handbag isn’t big. It just means that it’s not like all the other girls’.

Big Bottoms

What better way to shout out fashion than by showing yours off to the world? A big, black mini-skirt is a definite showstopper.

You wouldn’t dare think about showing up to work with one, would you? สล็อตเว็บตรง

Yet that’s exactly what some girls do bag Problems.

They pick out a skirt that’s too big for them, oops, that’s actually a skirt, and wear it to work. They don’t flatter themselves by flaunting it off at the office. If anything, they use that as a tool to get themselves noticed more.

Of course, a bigger skirt will look a little different than a mini skirt. You’ll have to consider the different widths when choosing a length. That’ll have to be taken into account with the length of your blouse or top, too. It’ll be important to learn about proportion, too.

Big Buttons

Believe it or not, buttons can be a big part of the problem. Often, a button-down shirt is too long. That doesn’t have to mean that the shirt is bad quality, though. It just means that the sleeves are too short, and the shirt just looks too big and ‘breasted.’

There are some techniques that you can do to fix this. The first is to give yourself a little nip here and a tuck there. That’ll make the sleeves come out a little bit. That way, they’ll still fit.

The next trick is to buy clothes that are cut just a little bit longer than your usual size. That’ll give you the extra length without looking like you’re trying to squeeze into small pants. You can even buy clothes off the rack that are cut too small and still look great.

So, if you have a bigger problem, cut your skirt down. However, keep its hemline at a moderate length. That way, if it billows out below your knees, you won’t look like an out-of-control playboy bunny.

Big Shoulders

It sounds weird, but if you have bigger shoulders, you can actually get away with wearing shirts with baggy styles. Give yourself an extra inch or two, and you’ll find that you can make it work.

How? By buying shirts that are cut with lighter fabric. Shirt material has a tendency to hug the body, and you can find shirts in lighter fabrics that don’t cling to your arms. Additionally, you can get stretch shirt material that is wide rather than narrow.

With these last two tips, though, remember to give yourself a little wiggle room. If you feel that the clothing is too tight, and you’re uncomfortable, it’s not a good look. You’ll be able to show off your bulges, or you might just have a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.